How do I create Company Defined Fields?

1. First you need to navigate to the location so you can create your Company Defined Fields. My links > Company > profile.


2. Go to Lot Attributes on the bottom menu, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

 3. You can enter your custom names to display on each lot.


4. We Now have 4 Different Types of Company Defined Fields, and you can create up to 6 total.

 A. Option 1 is Dropdown -  If you enter the information you want to be available in the drop down, separated by commas, you will be able to create a list to choose from (This works the same as the default in the past).


 B. Option 2 is Input - Input will be an open text box (designed for smaller amounts of data)


 C. Option 3 is Checkbox - Allows you to add a check box that can be checked on each lot (ie: Yes/No, On/Off, Ect.)


 D. Option 4 is Text Box -  This is an open text box that is designed for larger amounts of data.


5. You can Also Set a Default for each of these that it will load unless changed.


6. Lastly you need to make sure to turn on "Company Defined Values". This can be done for any auction using the universal format. You just need to check the box on the Auction > Edit settings Page.

7. Now you can freely catalog your auction while using those fields. Feel free to contact support if you have any questions.


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