How to make a Photo Gallery

Standard Upload 

1. First you need to access the photo Upload page. This is located on the right hand side of the auction you want to upload photos to on your dashboard. Photos > Upload Photos.


2. Once on the Photo Upload page, Click on the "Manual" Button on the top right of the page.


3. Next we want to make sure to Un-Check the "Single Photo Per Lot" check box located on the top right as well.


4. Now to get the photos uploaded we need to click on the Add Files Button, and select your photos on the computer.


5. Lastly we need to click on "Start Upload"


6. If you would like you also now have the option to edit your photos on the bottom part of the page.


Mobile Upload



1. This is the much faster, and easier to use option. When on the mobile app click on the Catalog button on the auction you want to add the photos for.


2. In the "Go to Lot Number" box type "GALLERY" in all caps.


3. Take your pictures normally on the lot.


Re-Ordering Photos

1. You can re-order photos after they are uploaded by dragging and dropping the pictures.

2. This can be important because if your website uses the Legacy template the first 5 images will be considered "Highlight Images" 



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