What steps do I need to take to post an auction to my Association?

We have a few steps that need to be followed in order to post auctions to your state association. 


1. When you are on your state associations website, click on the Link for the "Auction Calendar".


2. When you get to that page you will see a button that is usually in the middle of the screen that says "Sign Up to Post".

3. When you click this button it will bring you to a page with blanks for your information. Things like Name, email, company name, ect. Fill out all of the fields and click "Submit"


4. Once you have submitted your info you have completed the first step. You will receive an email to the email you entered into the form including the URL (www.wavebid.com), your username, and password. This will be the info, and the site you will use to post your auction to the Association Calendar.


5. Once you receive the email from auction services, you then need to contact your association for approval to post. Once they have approved you they can assist with posting an auction to the Association Calendar.


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