How do I save my Auction Preview or PIS as a Report for future use?


  • You can only save a report on the computer you are currently using.
  • This does not transfer to other users and is available only to you.

1. First you need to navigate to the Auction Preview page, or the PIS report (depending on which page you want to create the report for)





2. Once on the Page/Report, use the "Columns" Tab to Turn on or off the desired columns for your report. This is done by clicking the different sections you want to display (White is ON, Blue is OFF).


3. On the top side of the Page/Report you can click the settings Wheel.


4. To save the "View" or "Report" type a name into the box, and click save.


5. You will then see your "View" displayed in the drop down below.


6. To apply (Display on the page) or delete (Remove from the list) a "View" you can click the appropriate button on the bottom of the pop up.




*If you or your device clears the Cache, your Report will be deleted*



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