Titles and Tracking in Wavebid

While Cataloging in Lot Builder or Lot By Photo in Wavebid, We have a Tab for Title Tracking and information. This is something that we found is very beneficial for Auction Companies who do Multi-Car Sales, but it has many functions, and is available for everyone.

Entering the information

1. To get to the tab where you can enter the Title Information Navigate to your Dashboard. Then on the sale you want to access go to Catalogs > Lot Builder/Lot By Photo.


2. Once on the page you can click on the "Title" Tab on the bottom of the screen.


3. On this Tab you have a large number of things you can do to manage info for your titles (ex: Vin Number, Title Type and Status, If the vehicle has a lien, ect.).


Accessing the reports

1. To access the report for your Title Information you can Navigate from your dashboard to Accounting > Reports > Lot Title Summary.


2. Once this report you can see all of the info for the Title that you entered, as well as the lot info, buyer info, and seller info. With all of this info that needs to be displayed, it make the report very wide, and you will need to scroll to side to see it all.


3. You can Also export the info, and change what columns display using the buttons on top.


*If you have any problems accessing the reposts or the Title tab, contact Wavebid Support*


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