Customizing Invoice Settings

In Wavebid we have the ability to change your invoices in a number of ways ranging from the number of copies, to the color in some areas. Below is a guide on how make these changes. This feature is rather intuitive, and there are a lot of options. The headers are used to help you find what you are looking to change, while you work your way down the page.


Basics Of Changing Invoice Settings

 1. First Navigate to My Links > Company > Accounting Settings > Invoice Settings.


2. On this page you can see the list of the available Invoice Settings. You can save as many as you would like. To edit the Configuration you can click on the pencil icon, if the configuration is already created.


3. To create a new Invoice setting you can click on the "+" button on the top right.


4. To create an invoice you MUST enter in the name, and click save. The rest of the changes are optional.



Setting a Default and Deleting

 5. To set your sale as a Default you can check this box (located under the word "Default").

*The Invoice Setting Selected as "Default" is the one used when the invoices are emailed*


6. You can also delete the Configuration by clicking on the delete button on the top right, however you can not delete the selected Default Configuration until after you create a new configuration that is set as the default.


7. Below are the other options you can change to make your Configuration unique.




1. Show Entire Item Description on invoices - This feature has the option to turn on or off the ability to see the full description on the invoices. Turning it off saves space on the invoice, by limiting the length of the description that is displayed.


2. Display the location in the description on invoices - This Checkbox will turn on a feature that adds the location listed for the item to the description box (just on the invoice), so bidders can see the location along with the other info for the invoice. This is normally used in conjunction with the Show entire item description feature.


3. Show title information on invoice - This checkbox works with the title information that can be added to lots. If this box is checked you will be able to see the Title info for the lots, on an invoice.


4. Hide Unpaid Watermark on invoices - Check this box if you would like to hide the "Unpaid" watermark that Wavebid automatically adds on an unpaid invoice.


4. Show inventory numbers on invoice - When this box is checked the Inventory number, as well as the lot number, will display on the invoices.


5. Show the payment date, time, and clerk name on invoice - This will allow you to display when, and by who a payment was made directly on the invoice.


6. Show the Tax/Tax Exempt ID on invoices - Using this button you can show the bidders Tax info on the invoice.


7. Number of Copies when printing invoices - This box allows you to enter a number, for the number of copes you want to print by default on an invoice.


8. Default Address for invoices and seller settlements - This is a box that would allow you to enter in an address to appear on your invoices. If you enter nothing, the info will default to your company address in Wavebid.


9. Hide Inventory numbers on invoice - Using this option you can choose to hide the inventory numbers (or past lot numbers) on the invoice.


10. Hide unpaid watermark on invoices -  This option eliminates the unpaid watermark from displaying on an invoice. 


11. Show the payment date, time, and clerk name on invoice - Check this box to enable the payment date, time, and clerk name to display on the invoice. 


12. Show the tax/tax exempt id on invoices - Displays whether or not the invoice is exempt from taxes.


13. Include when printing all invoices - Enabling this feature will allow a list of invoices to print together when using the print all invoices option. 


14. Hide inventory numbers on invoice - This option will prevent inventory numbers from displaying on an invoice.


15. Hide the totals section on an invoice - This feature will prevent the totals section from displaying on the invoice. 




1. Default Invoice Header for new Auctions - This Box allows you to enter in a header that will appear at the top of your invoices.


2. Default Invoice Intro for new Auctions - This is a box that allows you to enter information that you want to appear near the top of the invoice, like Wiring directions, or "Thanks for coming to our sale" notes.




1. Default Invoice Footer for new Auctions - This Feature allows you to enter a footer note for all of your invoices.


2. Default Invoice Ending for new Auctions - This Box allows you to enter information that you want the bidder to see on the invoice near the bottom. Like Pick up dates, or Terms and Conditions, and even signature lines.


3. Default Invoice Ending Credit Transactions for new Auctions - The info you enter into this box will only display for bidders who pay by Credit Transaction, on the bottom of the page.


4. Default Picklist Ending for new auctions - The text entered here will only display on the bottom of the Picklist page, not an invoice.


5. Default Invoice Ending Cash Transaction (PAID) - Displays on the bottom of a paid invoice, when the invoice is payed any way other than Credit.


6. Default Invoice Ending Credit Transaction (PAID) - Displays on the bottom of a paid invoice, when the invoice is payed by Credit Card.



1. Printed Invoice Label - This box will allow you to print a label on the top of your invoices when printed.


2. Printed Invoice Color - This features allows you to select a color by clicking on the box on the page, and the invoice will color a few select areas with the selected color.




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