How do I record where my bidders heard about my Auction?

Wavebid has the ability to record and track where your Bidders heard about your auction. This is something that takes a few steps to utilize, but can be beneficial when marketing auctions in the future. 


Set Up *Admins Only*

The initial set up is required, because the feature will not appear on the page until you have at least one option to select. After you create this option the Marketing Survey will automatically populate on the check in page.

1. Navigate to My Links > Company > Customers > Marketing Survey.


2. On the Marketing Survey page, you can set up the different options that you want to have display as options. Type is for the general are (ie: internet, Newspaper, ect.) and Name is more of a description, for example if the Type is "Internet", Name could be Facebook, or Twitter. 

Both of these boxes are "Free Form Text" boxes, so you can type whatever you would like as your different options.


3. After you enter in the info you want you will need to click on Save, to store the option.


4. Once Stored (you can make as many as you would like), you can turn on/off, delete, or edit the entries. 

    A. The on/off switch


    B. The Edit Button


    C. The Delete Button


5. After you finish the settings on this page, you can see the options in a drop down, on the check in page.


Using the Marketing Survey

Once configured (Steps above), you can then use the Marketing Survey on the check in page.


1. Starting from the Dashboard, Navigate to Accounting > Check In, for your desired Sale.


2. For New, and Returning Bidders you will see the option for the Marketing Survey, above the Paddle Number Section.


3. By clicking on the drop down you will see all of the options that are created, and turned "On" on the Marketing Survey Setup Page.



Reporting your Survey Data after the sale *Admins Only*

You can access a report for the data recorded upon check in (steps above) after your sale is over.


1. From your Dashboard for that auction, Navigate to Marketing > Survey.

2. On this page you can see a break down of the data, as well as export the data into a form of your choosing.




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    Awesome!  This is a great feature and will reduce our use of having a pen and notepad.  However I went in and set it up, but the reports portion says, "access denied" and I am an admin.  

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