Sales Manager Commissions

To make use of this feature please follow this process:

Check in Buyers

You can check them in manually through Dashboard > Accounting > Check-in, or you can import the information via CSV or one of our bidding platform integrations.

Check in Sellers

Your sellers should have a flat commission set for this entire auction.

Configure Sales Commission

  1. Go to My Links > Company > Customers > Create/Edit Customer.
  2. Search for the sellers you need to add a sales manager to.
  3. Once you find your seller, navigate to the Sales Commissions tab.
  4. Enter the information required:
    • Sales Manager: This will be one of the user accounts you have created for your employees within Wavebid.
    • Sales Commission Type: Select from one of the options available.
    • Amount: This will be the percentage the commission will be.
    • Notes: This is not required but it is always good to fill them out.
  5. Once you have entered the information, Save the Customer data.


To view the report please go to Dashboard > Accounting > Reports > Sales Manager Commissions. As all other table data in Wavebid you are free to export information out as a CSV or Excel file. Clicking on the seller's name on the report you will be taken to that Seller's customer profile.

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