Marking invoices as Paid in Bulk

We have a few steps to mark invoices as paid, but over all it is a quick-to-use feature that can speed up your post auction process when using Wavebid.


1. First Navigate to My Links > All Auctions > All Invoices.


2. Second Enter the search criteria you want to use to narrow down the number of invoices you wish to display. For all invoices in an auction, just use the auction name.


3. Click the "Search" Button


4. Your Results should populate as shown. You can now check the boxes on the left to select which invoices you want to mark as paid. Then click on Actions > Mark Paid.


5. Now you can select the payment method you wish to mark the payments with, and Click "Mark Paid".


6. After clicking mark paid you should receive a confirmation pop-up. Simply hit "Ok"


7. Now the selected invoices will be marked as paid in full.



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