Minimum Requirements

Our mobile app can be used on a wide range of devices but we do have a few guidelines in order to make your cataloging experience a successful one:

Operating System

The minimum supported versions are:

  • Android: Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).
  • iOS: Version 8.

Please make sure to have the latest version of the operating system available for your device as well:

  • Android: Go to your device's settings, find the System option. Most manufacturers include a System Update option.
  • iOS: Go to the Settings app, tap General, select Software Update.

Device Permissions

In order for the app to be able to store photos to your device please make sure that it has been granted permissions. You can double-check for this following the instructions in this article.

Wavebid Account

Each user that is going to be using the mobile app should have their own user account as our system does not allow for two different devices to be logged in through the mobile app using the same user at the same time. If this happens the first user will be logged out from the app automatically. To create users please follow these steps.

The user must have logged in using the main website to agree to our terms of service before being able to use the mobile app.

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