I3: Marketing Content Section

You can add additional Marketing Content to your auctions so that it will display on your website.



1. Navigate to Current Auction > Auction > Edit Settings (This can also be done when creating an auction).


2. Scroll down to the blue tabs, and click on "Auction Info".


3. It is located just below the Description Boxes.



The Marketing Content box can be used to add embedded HTML code, including, but not limited to, Videos, Maps, and links.


1. Once on the page click on the "Source" button on the top left of the editing tools.


2. After clicking this you can now enter, or paste "code".


3. Do not forget to save on the top right of the page.




*WARNING*: Not all I3 Templates are outfitted with the Marketing Content Section, meaning it might not display on your website. For assistance identifying a template that you would like to use for your I3 Calendar, contact Auction Services Support by emailing support@auctionservices.com.



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