Reports: Unsold Lot List

The Unsold Lot List is one of the reports that we revamped to make more accommodating and compact. In the same way that every auctioneer uses Wavebid slightly differently, different auctioneers have reports all related to "Unsold lots" that they use in their own way. We wanted to make this page as versatile as possible to make it easier for your company to get the report you need.


Unsold Lot List

1. The Unsold lot list can be found on the reports page. We can get to the report a few different ways. The one displayed here is Current Auction > Accounting > Reports > Unsold Lot List.


2. Once on the Report its time to configure it to what you need, by clicking the settings wheel on the top right of the page.


3. Check the box for the type of "Unsold Lots" You want to see on your report, and then click "Apply Options" when you have the appropriate boxes selected.


     Passed Items - These are only items that have been marked as "Passed" on the clerking page.

     RNM Items - These are only items that have been marked as "Reserve Not Met" on the clerking page.

     House Items - These are only items that have been clerked to a House number. (Any House Number)

     Unsold Items - These are lots that for any reason, were not clerked.


4. After you have the report showing the lots you want to see, you can also adjust the columns that you want showing, and export the list, using the standard functions available on tables like this one in the system.



Move Lots Function

 Now that you know how to create a report of the Unsold Lots in your auction you can now use the Move lots tool.


1. Pull up a list of lots that were Unsold, and that you want to move to a different Workspace, and click the "Move Lots" Button.


2. Now you can select the Workspace you want to move the lots to, and click Move or Copy. Move WILL NOT duplicate the lots, but fully removes the lots from the current sale, where as Copy will make a duplicate lot  so you don't effect the reports for the current auction.


Now your lots should be in the selected auction.




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