How do I upload a Document to my I3 Auction?

1. Navigate to Current Auction > Edit Settings.


2. Click on the Documents Tab.


3. Click on Choose File, and select your file from your computer. 


4. You can enter a "Alt" and "Description" if you would like. They are not required for the document to upload, but they can be useful information for you to determine the correct document to display.


5. Enter in a Display Name. This is important, because it is what you will actually click on to download the document you are uploading.


6. Select the Type of document. This has little effect on the end product, but is required.


7. Make sure to select the visibility as well. Private is off, Public is on, and Email Required will force a user to enter in an email before they can download the info.


8. Once you have entered in your information click the "Upload button"


9. This will cause button to change to a little save button. Click this as well.


10. Make sure to click the Big save button on the top right of the page as well.


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