What is the Pick List, and how do I use it?

While on the invoice for a bidder, you have the option to Print a "Pick List". The pick list can be used in conjunction with the Checkout page.


Using these two pages you can make your auction site more secure, and make it hard for people to walk off with things that they shouldn't.

Turning it on

 The pick list is always on by default, but its counterpart, the "Check Out" Page is not. To turn on this feature you will need to follow the steps listed here.

1. Navigate to My links > Company > Profile, and click on preferences.


2. Now click on Online Checkout


3. Then Check the "Show Checkout Pages" check box.


4. After that when you navigate to Accounting > Checkout you will have access the the checkout page.




Pick List


1. The page is printable when you are on an invoice. Click the same print button you normally use to print an invoice, and click on the Print "Pick List" button.


2. This will print a pick list. The pick list will have a list of the items a buyer has purchased, along with a barcode to identify the lot.


This can be given as a form of a "Release" for the items purchased, to be checked at the gate.

Checkout Page

The checkout page is where the checking of the items actually happens. The person standing at your companies "Thresh hold" can have this on their device, in addition to a scanner.


1. The check out page can be found by navigating to Accounting > Checkout.


2. Once on the check out page, first scan the Invoice number into the correct place.


3. Then make sure the settings on the right hand side of the Checkout page are configured to what you would like to mark the items as.


4. Now, while in this box, scan each barcode individually of the pick list, or event he items them selves (if you use our barcode feature) as you see them in the persons group of items they are taking.


This way you can keep track of the items you sell, and where they are at for your buyers. For example you can look up if an item has shipped, picked up, ext, as well as confirming that the item belongs to the bidder. If you can a barcode that does not belong to the bidder on this page, a message will pop up notifying you that it does not belong to them, based on the Pick List.

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