Lot Mover & Lot History

The Lot Mover page is a special page used for transferring one lot at a time to a different auction. This gives you full control of the lot number that it is moved to, and is great for when your walking around looking at the items in person.

The Lot History page can be a useful tool to see how many times a lot has been moved, and where it has been moved to. The Lot history page is used in conjunction with the Lot Mover page. Other forms of moving are not displayed on the Lot history page.


Lot Mover

1. Navigate to Current Auction > Catalogs > Lot Mover.


2.Once you are on the Lot Mover page. The First thing we want to do is select the workspace we want to send the lot to.


3. Next we enter in the lot number we want to send the lot to.


4. Lastly we simply enter in the lot number into the box here. (You can also scan them in if you have a barcode scanner). Once you do it will move the lot automatically.


The destination lot number will automatically advance making it easier to work though large numbers of lots, sequentially.


Lot History

1. Navigate to Current Auction > Catalogs > Lot History.


2. You can either fill in the date range, or select the Lot Number. (Auction Name should populate automatically)


3. Click the "Get Lot History" Button on the top right.


4. This will display the information for the lot(s) you selected.




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