Wavebid: The Cloud

You might hear us say, "Wavebid is a cloud-based software." One of the questions we are frequently asked after we state this is, "You guys said you’re ‘cloud-based.’ What does that mean?" Although the name can be misleading, cloud-based software has many advantages. In this help section, we will explain in more detail what it means to be cloud-based.


What is the cloud?

The word "cloud" is misleading. Your data is simply stored under lock and key, here with us. You can use any device, at any location, to connect to that data. This is similar to how you can access different websites on your computer, and your phone. However, instead of a normal website, Wavebid is where you can access all of your company’s auction-related information.


Not only can you access your data from any device, at any location, but multiple people can do it all at the same time. Imagine you have a team of 10 people. You can have 3 people taking photos, 3 people writing descriptions, 2 people checking for errors, 1 person staging lots ahead of the pack, and 1 person making sure the order of the sale is correct. All 10 of these people can be logged in on their own account, working on the same auction, at the same time. This can make for a much faster work flow, and a more efficient process overall.



The many advantages that cloud-based software has can be summed up in one single word: Flexibility. For example, let’s pretend your computer was struck by lightning. Or, you left it at the office on the day of your auction. If you’re using outdated software, then that was the only place where all of you data was stored. So, not only did you just lose this sale, but you lost every sale on that device. However, if you are using a cloud-based software, you could simply run to the nearest tech store, buy a new computer, and pick up exactly where you left off.


In addition to securing your data against any random acts of God, or human negligence, it makes it easier and more cost efficient for your business to expand. You don't need to buy any special hardware for new employees. You don't need to give them access to a computer with all of your company’s data. They can use their own computer, and their access can be restricted to a single part of a single auction. This makes it easier for your company to add more employees when they are needed, while staying secure in the process.


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