Appraisal Builder Pro: Master Guide

Appraisal Builder Pro is a tool used to generate Professional and streamline appraisals quickly. One of the best things about ABP is that it takes care of the mundane, and repetitive parts of creating an appraisal document, while still providing full customization.


Getting Started

After you sign up with ABP there are a few steps that you should take to make the system as beneficial as possible, and to help get you off with a running start. Click Here, to see the guide on setting up your company info. Once you have completed this guide you will be ready for your first appraisal. There are a lot of things to pre-fill in this step, but remember if you would like you can always edit them again at a different time.


 Cataloging Your Appraisal

Once we get the customized information in we can begin work on our appraisal. In ABP cataloging the information, and creating the actual appraisal document are two different parts in the process. We have several different ways to enter in this information, and several guides to help with the process. To see our list of guides on cataloging click here. We also have another guide to help with a few special features we have to help build your work file specifically in ABP if you click here



Filling in your Information

After the Catalog is done, we move into the actual creation of the document. In this area we have several different sections. We have broken these sections up so they are easier to digest. The first thing we need to do, before we actually start, is build our "Template". This is not a normal template, but we want to make sure to set up a guide for the system to help us build this appraisal. This is where the uniformity comes from. The help section for the Template area is available by clicking here. Make note that this is the most complex part of the ABP system, but it is also the part that is used the least. The next thing we need to do in this section is actually create the document, this guide is available by clicking here. Once your document is created we move into the bread and butter of ABP. At this point you can begin entering in some of the pre-filled information. Remember that not only can you edit, and enter in information at this time, you can also change the pre-filled options available to speed up the process. The guide for our pre-filled info, and other blue tabs, can be found by clicking here.


Viewing Your PDF


After we finish our appraisal there are a few different ways we can go about viewing it. First of which is as a PDF. To access a downloadable, and view able version of your appraisal Navigate to Current Appraisal > Documents. on this page you can hover over the document you wish to view or download. At this point you should see a little PDF button on the bottom of the Document Icon. By Clicking this button you will open up a downloadable and view able version of your Appraisal.






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