Appraisal Builder Pro: Start up Guide

First thing you should do after signing up for ABP is to make sure all of your personal info is set correctly in the system, so it can auto fill moving forward. Below we have listed a few pages to look at, and what things you should consider changing. It is also important to know that ALL of these options are NOT required. If you would rather leave the info off, you have the option to do so.


1. Make sure your company info is correct

When we set up your profile we might have made a typo, or any number of other mistakes. We ask that you navigate to My links > Company > Profile and make sure that all of your companies info is set properly. Also remember to set your company logo on the left hand side.


2. Set a watermark logo for your photos 

Navigate to My links > Company > Profile and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then click on preferences. Now scroll down on the left hand side and click on Watermark. Then choose your photo, and make sure to save. Now your photos will have a watermark on them. 


3. Set up all of your appraisers as users that can be loaded with preset info.

For this Navigate to My Links > Company > Customers > Create/Edit. once on this page Now fill in the users information. Once done, make sure to set the" Person Type" status to Appraisal. Now this persons info will be available at a later time in the process, making it easier to enter the info every time.








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