Appraisal Builder Pro: Guide to the "Page with the Blue tabs"

Now that you are on the page with the blue tabs you can start filling in the information for your appraisal. You do not need to save after every tab. However, if you leave the page without saving all of your progress will be lost. That being said, we normally recommend that you save every three tabs, so that if the page closes for any reason you don't lose to much progress. 


Another thing to note is that you can make any changes you would like while entering in the different choices on this page by clicking on the content that displays, but it will only save for the current appraisal, not others.


One of the most important Tabs in this section will be the "Inventory" Tab. This tab is the one that controls how your lots display in your document. This tab also has some effect on how the photos display as well.


Your available column options are listed here. You can select any columns of info you would like to display for each lot. Remember you have limited space.


Once the column info is selected it will populate on the bottom of the page. Here you can drag and drop the column headers to reorder them how you would like them to display.


Thumbnail Size is able to adjust the size of your pictures within the grid.


Font size changes the size of the text within the grid.


The sort Lots by box gives you options for sorting. Most of your options have a primary and second day sort. For example if you choose category, and you have two of the same, It would then sort by the second option.


Format Currency can be turned on to add the Currency symbol in front of dollar values within your grid.


Photo Appendix Thumbnail Size changes the size of the pictures at the end of your report. Note that it does not cause a change to the ones in the item grid.


And last but not least the Photo Appendix Show All Photos check box will display either ALL of the photos, or it will display all photos that are not in the grid above. 


Don't forget to save on this page, as it is a lot of work. After finishing this tho you should be all set



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