Connect and Export to Maxanet

Just like with other bidding platforms, Wavebid gives you the ability to export your catalog information into workspaces the Maxanet platform sets up for you for each of your auctions.

Obtain Information from JBS Software

First you’ll need to obtain the following information from JBS Software. You obtain this information when you register for Maxanet in an email forwarded to you or by looking at the address bar of your browser.

  • Host:

    The address of the backend FTP server. This address changes depending on the exact configuration you have for hosting on Maxanet servers but is where you upload your catalog files and your pictures. For our purposes we will use

  • FTP username:

    The username required to upload catalogs and pictures to the backend FTP server.

  • FTP password:

    The password required catalogs and pictures to the backend FTP server.

  • FTP Root:

    This is the directory (folder) that contains the auction workspaces in the backend FTP server. To find it, sign on to your Host using your preferred FTP software, then go down the folder structure until you reach the folder containing the auction folders themselves. In our case we will use /html/wavebid, and the folder structure would look like this:

|-- wavebid
    |-- auction1
    |-- auction2
    |-- auction3

Each auction represents a workspace and is where the catalog files and the photos are stored.

  • Administrative link:

    The page you visit to sign in to administer your Maxanet account. This is usually based on the Host for your site. In our case that would look like

  • Administrative password:

    The password used to login to the administrative page.

If you cannot find this information please contact JBS Software directly and they’ll be able to provide it.

Configure Wavebid for Exporting

First go to My Links > Company > Catalog Settings > Export. In the Select an export format dropdown select Maxanet, then fill in the rest of the required information:

  • FTP username: Your Maxanet FTP username.
  • FTP Password: Your Maxanet FTP password.
  • FTP Server: Type in your Host. Remember that this will change for your specific company.
  • FTP Root Directory: Type in the folder containing your auctions.
  • URL for Automated Catalog Upload: Type in your Administrative link, then change everything after cgi-bin/ to mrnewinv.cgi. Based on our example would change to
  • Remote Password for Automated Catalog upload: Type in your Administrative password.
  • Maxanet Admin Password: Leave this empty as it is not required.

Once you’ve entered all of the information, click Save on the top-right corner of the page.

This entire process only needs to be done once. If you change your Maxanet FTP password or your admin password they need to be updated in this page as well or any export processes will fail.

Configure your Auction

Go to Dashboard > Auction > Edit Auction for the auction you wish to change and enter the following information in the Auction Attributes tab:

  • Auction Software: Select Maxanet.
  • FTP Photo Directory: The folder where the photos will be stored, based on the folder structure above.
  • Remote Workspace: Enter the folder where the catalog is to be stored, based on the folder structure above.

Then click Save to have Wavebid save these details. This needs to be done for every auction that is to be exported.

The FTP Photo Directory and Remote Workspace will change depending on which Maxanet workspace you wish to export to. Please keep in mind these settings can vary depending on your exact configuration with JBS Software, as you can have an FTP Photo Directory that is separate from the Workspace for your auction.

Export Auction

  1. Go to Dashboard > Auction > Export Auction
  2. Double-check your export options:
    • Lot Options: Select the lots you wish to export.
    • Catalog Options: Make sure Generate Catalog is checked, Data Mapping is set to Maxanet, and Save as .CSV not checked.
    • Photo Options: Make sure Zip Photos is checked, New Photos Only is not checked, and Thumbnails is set to the pixel size you wish to have.
  3. Click Export Auction. You can go over to the Export Monitor if you wish.

Depending on the size of your catalog file and how many photos you have within each lot the export process can take up to 15 minutes, with Wavebid creating two files:

  • A TXT file containing your entire catalog of lots.
  • A ZIP file containing all your photos.

Wavebid will transfer the catalog via their web interface and the photos through FTP; please allow Maxanet some time to process the files and display them in your web page.

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