Add Lot Descriptions

Wavebid offers three main avenues to enter lot attribute data (like descriptions, quantities, sale type, etc) or bulk upload inventory into the platform:

Depending on your preferences and workflow, each way has pros and cons you will have to consider, like:

  • Which way is the fastest for users to learn?
  • How fast can users enter data?
  • What information needs to be entered right from the start?
  • How can you ensure the data being entered is consistent and reliable?
  • Do your users need to capture your descriptions first? Or your photos?
  • How will users work if there is no internet connection?
  • When will there be time to revise the lot information?

Some users prefer to use just the one method, like importing a CSV, while others will mix and match according to their needs and the specific auction. This is one example:

  1. Take photos of lots using the mobile app.
  2. Capture description data into a spreadsheet, and make all necessary changes on it.
  3. Import the spreadsheet into Wavebid.

Other users have a workflow similar to this:

  1. Capture descriptions using the mobile app.
  2. Enter additional lot data using the Lot Builder.
  3. Take pictures of barcodes and lots using a camera.
  4. Edit pictures using an image editor such as The Gimp or Krita.
  5. Upload photos into Wavebid in bulk and let the barcodes associate them with their proper lots.

This goes to show the flexibility of our platform, letting it adapt to your needs. Once your lots are stored in Wavebid, it's time to add your photos

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