Add Lot Photos

Just like with your lot descriptions, Wavebid has different ways to let you upload photos of your lots into our system:

Again, depending on your company (or personal!) preferences and the workflow that has been developed over time to catalog your lots, you are able to mix and match the methods to get the photos from your devices into our servers.

In the case of locations with minimal internet connectivity you may want to consider using the barcode system as it does not require an active connection to the internet. You can take all of the pictures at the catalog site and then upload them all once you’re back in an area with a good internet connection, as you can use either a digital camera or just the regular camera app on a smartphone or a tablet.

In addition to the barcode system the mobile app is also able to work with a minimal internet connection if you configure it to use Offline Mode or if you decide to pause the photo uploads; once you have a good internet connection you can reconfigure the app to connect to our servers and upload your photo files.

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