Export Auction

Please keep in mind that in order to export to your bidding platform, the account credentials need to be entered into Wavebid to establish the secure connection between systems. Search for the article relevant to your bidding platform and there should be a help article readily available to walk you through that process. 

Once you are in the process of building your catalog, you may want to export it to any of the bidding platforms that Wavebid currently supports; a few of them have a direct API integration so we can send information directly to their servers without you needing to download any files to your computer. The online bidding platforms we support in this manner are:

In addition we have configured custom data mappings that automatically configure CSV exports to contain the columns expected by other bidding platforms that we do not have an API integration with:

  • Live Auctioneers
  • CUS
  • Miedema Auctioneering

As a third option, we do have the ability to create what we call universal exports, which allow you to configure any of the multiple data mappings we have enabled; you can also configure your own custom data mappings if you are going to upload your catalog to any bidding platforms not listed above.

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