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Wavebid now offers the ability of publishing auctions to without having to manually upload your catalog files and images. The configuration only needs to be done once through the Partner Management page, after that you can publish an auction by creating a Marketing Task.

The best way to do this is having both Wavebid and open in different windows on your screen.


To set this up we will need three pieces of data that can be found by logging into



  • Username: The username you use to login to the platform, usually an email address.
  • API Key: This is the application password Wavebid will use to establish a connection directly to the remote servers. If you have not created one already please visit this page: (
    • Click Add New Key
    • Enter a name for it (we suggest Wavebid), click Save this Key
    • Save the Key somewhere safe. We suggest keeping the web page open until you’ve completed the Wavebid configuration process and tested publishing, after which point you can click I’ve Copied It.
  • Organization ID: Your company’s account number. Visit the Company Settings page, you will find it following the Company Settings title with this format #000000.

Configure Link in Partner Management

Once you’ve obtained the information, switch to Wavebid.

  1. From the Dashboard, go to My Links > Company > Partner Management, then to the Marketing tab.
  2. Click Add Account.
  3. Enter the Scope of the account:
    • Company Wide: All the users of your company will be able to publish using this account.
    • User Only: Only the current Wavebid user will be able to publish using this account and other Wavebid users will need to configure their own account.
  4. Type in your Username.
  5. Type in the API key.
  6. Type in the Organization ID(Note: in, the format is #000000 You will not want to enter the pound sign here)
  7. Save these settings.

The previous steps only need to be done once unless the Scope is set to User Only.

Configure Marketing Task

  1. From the Dashboard, go to your auction, then to Marketing > Tasks.

  2. In the Online section click Add New Task.

  3. A window will now pop-up:

    • What type of task do you want to add?: Select
    • Task Name: Can be anything you want, most people pick “”.
    • Date: When the task should happen. Please keep in mind Wavebid will not run the task automatically.
    • Choose the external account to publish to. You may see more than one account depending on the Scope chosen for them.
    • Publish to Make the auction live on their site. Default is enabled.
    • Auto pay balance?: As there is a fee when posting auctions with more than one hundred pictures, Wavebid can automatically have charge your credit card on file to cover the charge. This option will need to be selected to use the integration properly.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with the settings, click Save.

At this point Wavebid will save the Task and you can run it at any time. If you wish to run it immediately click on READY under the Status column and confirm this on the browser window that will appear. At this point the sale will appear on their servers and you’ll be able to administer it directly on the Account page.

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