Sequence Lots

Wavebid lets you alter the sequencing of your lots, overriding the numerical order specified by the lot numbers. This takes effect at various locations.

  • Auction Preview: The lots will be displayed according to the sequence specified. You can enable the Sequence column to view the current sequence order.
  • Lot Builder: When saving lots you can choose to save and move to the previous or the next lot in the sequence by clicking on the  Save and go to previous lot in sequence or  Save and go to next lot in sequence buttons.
  • Clerking: When clerking and choosing the Cataloged option in Auto Advance. The first unclerked lot in the sequence will load then once the entire catalog has been clerked Wavebid will stop loading lots.
  • Exporting: The lots will be exported as follows:
    • When exporting to a bidding platform the lots will follow the specified order as long as the platform supports this feature.
    • The CSV stored in the Export page will also contain the lots ordered according to the sequence, overriding the numerical order.

Before exporting your auction to any bidding platform you will want to make sure your lots are sequence they way you want them to be.


To make use of this tool go to Current Auction > Catalogs > Sequence Lots.

You will have various options at your disposal to alter the sequence:

Reorder Panel

This is the small panel that appears on the left side of the page. You can enter the Sequence position followed by the lot number, repeating this for all the sequence positions you wish to fill out. Once you're done specifying the sequence positions click  Reorder to have them take effect. Make sure you do not leave gaps in the sequencing or you may have unexpected results.

Using the Reorder Panel

Sequence Column

This column will have already filled out sequence numbers for you, but you can alter them as you wish to change the sequencing as you see fit.


Manual Sequence

Using these will override whatever other sequencing you have enabled in the system. You will need to specify this for every single one of your lots or you will have unexpected results.


Drag and drop

When you hover your mouse pointer over a lot it will offer you the option to drag and drop into whatever position you wish.


Resetting the Sequencing

As most of the time lots will be arranged using the lot number, you may need to reset the sequencing to match the lot number. To do this, click on the  Resequence by Lot Number button on the top right. After confirming you want to do this, all lots will be arranged according to their lot number. If you have lettered lots (1A, 1B, 2, 3A), they will be sequenced by the digit first, letter second. The sequence positions will always be numerical values.

Saving the Sequence

Once the changes are made and the lots are sequenced in the way you desire, click on  Save. There is an option here

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