Tax Exemption

How to mark an auction as tax exempt: 

  1. Go to Auction>Edit Settings>Accounting Tab>> On this tab, you'll want to make sure to check the "Auction Tax Exempt" box under the "Tax Options" menu. 
    **Don't forget to save!!

  2. The entire auction is now Tax Exempt. 

How to mark a single Lot as Tax Exempt:

  1. The first thing we'll need to do is go to Auction>Edit Settings>Auction Attributes Tab>>Here you check the box next to "Different tax rates per lot?" as shown below. Remember to save!!

  2. If you haven't yet clerked the item, you can change the tax rates by going to Auction>Catalogs>Lot Builder>>In the dropdown on this page, select the Lot you wish to set as Tax Exempt. 
  3. In the Lot Details tab, Check the "Tax Exempt" box as shown below and then save.
  4. If you have already sold the Lot, navigate to the unpaid invoice and you will notice your invoice displaying the different tax rates as shown below. 

  5. You can change the tax rates by clicking the blue text, or mark the single item as Tax-Exempt by checking the box as shown below. 
  6. Notice that it only made the top Lot exempt. 
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