How to set up a list of color coded printable invoices

If you use different copies of your invoice for different processes within your office, this might be of use. It can both make the process more functional, and provide the recipient with more information.


Setting up a list of invoices


1. Create your various default invoices within Auction->Edit Settings->Invoice Settings. Here, you can create various default invoices with different color codes with accompanying titles.

To learn more on this process Click Here.


2. Check this box on your Invoice Settings page. This is the button that will add your Invoice Setting to the "Print All" List. 


How to Print the Invoice List once we create it


1. Now,  navigate to Current Auction->Accounting->Invoices.

2. Select the bidder, whose invoice you're interested in printing by clicking the name.

3. Click on the Print Button.

4. Select "Print All Printable Invoices" from the print options. 


5. This will load the PDF for all of the preset list of invoice settings you configured earlier.


Congratulations! You now can print a preset list of invoices. 

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