How do I print a Clerking Sheet?

Using the Wavebid system, you can create a Clerking Sheet, for your Clerks to use during the sale. This will allow them to easily, and quickly fill in the needed information in writing for easy entry later, or as a back-up.


How to make a Clerking Sheet 

 1. Navigate to Current Auction > Accounting > Clerking Sheet


2. Once on this page you can drag and drop the Content you want to display in the header of your document


3. After that click on the body tab, and do the same for the Body Columns. This information will display for all of the lots


4. Next make sure you have the desired options selected on the top right, in the "Options" Section. The options here can change the layout of your document


5. Now Click the "Build Advanced Clerk Sheet" button on the top right


6. This will open a PDF that you can then View, or Print


Want a blank Clerking Sheet, so you can clerk on paper, or on the fly?

We also added a button so you can generate a blank sheet so you can clerk using paper if that is what you prefer, while still having the information for the auction on the top of the page.


Prefer the Old Clerking Sheet page?

For our users that prefer the Legacy Clerking Page, we added the option to print the old version by clicking the "Classing Clerking Sheet" button


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