How does Wavebid handle entries with the same name?

How does Wavebid handle duplicate (dedupe) customer records (person).

When a person is saved (either created new or edited existing) into Wavebid we check the database for matching persons.

  1. First, we only match people from the same companyId.
    John Henry Doe in company 1 is not the same as John Henry Doe in company 2 no matter how many matching data points we have.
    • If the internal GUID for the Person record matches.
      If this matches we don't care about anything else, we have a match.
      This criteria generally only matters when using our API
    • First name AND last name have to match exactly. Bob Jones is NOT the same as Robert Jones.
      If first and last name do not match exactly we do not have a match no matter what other criteria match.
  2. If both first and last name match exactly then we check a list of other values to match.
    • PersonIdNumber (drivers license) AND PersonIdIssuer (the state that issued the drivers license). Neither of these can be empty/null and both have to match.
    • If we can't use PersonalIdNumber to find a match because the value is empty/null, then we try and match by other criteria.
  3. If we can't use PersonalIdNumber to find a match because the value is empty/null. Then we try and match by other criteria.
    • Exact Match on Email address
      Exact Match on ExternalUsername (i.e. from Proxibid)
      Exact Match on Phone
      Exact Match on a combination of StreetAddress1 and PostalCode (1420 W 26th Street does NOT match 1420 W 26th St.)

If we find any matches. We order the records by last updated date with the most recently edited record first, and the oldest record last. (Newest data always wins)
We use the first record in the list (the 'new' record) as the "Base."
Then we step through each of the remaining records and sync any data from list into the Base record.


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