Link and Post to AuctionZip

Wavebid offers the ability of posting auction events to AuctionZip without having to manually download your catalog files and images and then manually uploading them, saving you time and effort.

This process need only be done once, the first time you post to AuctionZip, and after that Wavebid will save your information so you only need to follow the steps listed in Post to AuctionZip.

Obtain Offline GUID

Go to My Links > Offline and copy the code that appears in Your Offline Key. This code is required in order to successfully link the accounts.

Configure Marketing Task

  1. In the Dashboard, go to your auction, Marketing > Tasks.

  2. In the Online section, click Add New Task.

  3. A window will now pop-up:

  • In the Select a task type dropdown menu, choose AuctionZip.
  • Enter a Task Name. Most people use "AuctionZip" but this can be anything you want.
  • Enter a Date. This will be the date the task should be run. Please keep in mind Wavebid will not run the task automatically.
  • Click Save.

Once you're back in the Tasks page, your task is ready to be run and you can come back to it at a later time. If you wish to run it immediately click on Ready under the Status column and confirm this on the browser window that will appear.

To view the result of running the task, click on the Tasks tab at the top of the page. This will reload the page with new information from our database, and you'll see the option Click to Post to AuctionZip.

Link to AuctionZip account

This process only needs to be done the first time you need to post a sale from Wavebid.

  1. Click on the option to post to AuctionZip.

  2. In the Username entry box, type in your Wavebid username.

  3. In the OfflineGuid entry box paste the code copied from the Offline Key.

  4. Click Submit. At this point Wavebid will connect to AuctionZip.

  5. Once the page refreshes, click on Activate.

  6. Enter your AuctionZip username and password.

Once this is done the link to "Activate" will change to "Activated" and turn green.

Post to AuctionZip

  1. Make sure there is a checkmark to the left of the AuctionZip logo.

  2. Click Submit Auction to Selected Sites. This will send the sale over to their servers. At this point you should login to AuctionZip and view your listings.

  3. Click Publish to have the sale become visible to the public. At this point you will be asked for payment as usual.

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