How do I post to GoToAuction?

One of the options we have for marketing tasks is GoToAuction. The set up is a little different than our other postings. This article will help with the configuration of your account.


1. First thing that needs to happen is to sign up for GoToAuction. For this contact GoToAuction via or their phone number.


Now, go to your GoToAuction login page and navigate to your edit-profile page. 

Click on the "Manage Wavebid Feed Profile" button under "Manage Company Profile."



**SPECIAL NOTE: Using an ADMINISTRATOR user account in Wavebid is required here.**

After clicking the link you will be taken to the page below where you will enter your Wavebid Login Credentials.


2. Once you have an account on GoToAuction, log into Wavebid and navigate to Marketing>Tasks>Click "Add New Task" under the online option. 

3. Click on "Add New Task."

4. Select "GoToAuction" from the drop-down menu.

5. Enter in the name and date.

6. Next Select your GoToAuction Account from the list.

7. Click "Save."






8. The task now should post on the day and time that you selected.



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