Import Sellers via Spreadsheet

Wavebid recognizes both Sellers and Buyers as Customers, since they are all part of your clientele. Most of the time a customer will only be selling (consigning) in a sale, or buying (bidding) in a sale, but there are occasions in which the same person will be both selling and buying at auction. Wavebid is flexible and lets you work with either situation.

Below is the procedure you need to follow when you have a list of sellers, and you need to add them to your customer database stored in Wavebid.

First off, you need an auction to work with:

  • You can create a new auction specifically for the purpose of importing customer lists
  • Use an old auction that is no longer active in your accounting.
  • Use the training sale created during your Wavebid training sessions.

Once you the sale is chosen, go to Accounting > Import Buyers:

  1. Choose the spreadsheet file containing your customer information. Remember Wavebid needs the information to be stored in a CSV file.
  2. The left column will display the files in your CSV. Wavebid will try to map them to fields in its database, displayed in the right column. If they weren’t mapped the fields will appear blank.
  3. To map empty fields, drag and drop the appropriate field from the Wavebid Headers panel but make sure to leave the Bidder Number field blank in the event it was mapped.
  4. Click Import to have the data written to the database.

Importing the information this way will prevent the data from being used in the sale but will make it available in all of your other auctions. The process then becomes just checking in your customers as sellers:

  • Dashboard > Auction > Sellers if you are going to check them into the auction before your start your cataloging process.
  • Dashboard > Accounting > Sellers if you are done with your cataloging and need to match up your Seller codes to a customer. Make sure to enable Seller Processing for the auction by clicking on the  Play button on the top right corner of the page if it has not been done previously.
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