They are groupings of blocks that can be named and stored in Wavebid. When saving them as part of a template they’ll be available for use in any documents generated from the template; when saving them as part of a document they will only be available within that document.

Currently there are two types of sections in Wavebid:

  • Global sections are available as part of your Wavebid account regardless of which template they belong to. They’ll have a  Globe icon next to their name to let you know.
  • Company sections are available only within your company account in Wavebid. They’ll have a  Building icon next to them.

Depending on your location in Docbuilder the interface changes slightly, depending whether you are building a template or editing a document.


To view the sections in a template please go to My Links > Company > Document Builder > Admin, and you will arrive at the Sections tab. Once in this page there are various options in the Page Actions menu on the top right corner of the page:

  •  Documents List: View the overall list of documents.
  •  Revert to Saved: Restore the last saved version of the current section.
  •  Create New Section: Create a new section from scratch.
  •  Save Section: Save the current section.
  •  Delete Section: Delete the section from the database.

When a section is deleted it cannot be recovered. Please use extreme care when you need to make use of the command.

To edit an already existing section select it from the Saved Sections dropdown.

On the left panel you’ll have the list of available blocks for the section. Just drag and drop them into the desired order. To edit the contents of a block, hover your mouse over it (it will get a teal background color), then click on it to bring up the block editor.

If you would like for the section to not appear in the Table of Contents of a document, make sure to select Don’t show in table of contents. The default is unchecked (that is, to show a section in the ToC).

Once you are done making changes make sure to  Save them.


To view the existing sections in a document, go to My Links > Company > Document Builder > Documents, then select a document to edit. Once the page loads you will be in the Preview tab.

On the left panel you’ll have a tab for Blocks you can add  to the document, and a tab for the sections you can add.


To place a block in the document just drag the item into the panel on the right, then drop it into the desired position. Once the section is dropped you’ll have a few options available for manipulation, to see them hover your mouse over a block (it will get a teal background color):

  •  View PDF: Preview just the single block, or the entire section.
  •  Delete: Delete just the single block, or the entire section.

Some blocks will have additional options:

  •  Align Left
  •  Align Center
  •  Align Right


On the left panel drag and drop the section into the document preview. This will add all of the blocks in the proper order and you’ll be able to manipulate them just like blocks that don’t belong to a section in particular.

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