They are the overall containers for fields, blocks, and sections and are used to generate documents. The main component are the sections that have been arranged within the template itself.

To view the templates available to you go to My Links > Company > Document Builder > Admin, then go to the Templates tab.

Page Actions

There are various options in the Page Actions menu on the top right corner of the page:

  •  Documents List: View the overall list of documents.
  •  Revert to Saved: Restore the last saved version of the current section.
  •  Create New Template: Create a new template from scratch.
  •  Save Template: Save the current template.
  •  Delete Section: Delete the template from the database.

When a section is deleted it will remove it from all documents in which it is used and it cannot be recovered. Please use extreme care when you need to make use of the command.

Template Scope

Templates have a scope, which determines the availability of a template within the system:

  • Global templates are available as part of Wavebid itself. They’ll have a  Globe icon next to their name to let you know.
  • Company are only available within your company account in Wavebid. They’ll  have a  Building icon next to them.

Template Editor

You will see five panels:

  • Available Sections: A list of all of the sections you have available to enter into the current template.
  • Template Sections: A list of the sections making up the current template.
  • Header: The header of all pages in the generated document.
  • Preview: The content of the blocks within each section.
  • Footer: The footer of all pages in the generated document.

To build your template drag and drop a section from Available Sections to the desired position in Template Sections. You can rearrange the template sections as well by hovering the mouse pointer over a section (it will yellow background color and dragging them.

To make changes to the text within the blocks go to the Sections tab as they cannot be made here.

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