How do I Set Up or Add Auction Information?


Marketing Set Up- Edit Auction Information

1. From the dashboard, find your auction.

2. Go to Marketing–> Auction Info.

3. On the Marketing- Auction Info page, you can upload any brochures or flyers relevant to your auction. We recommend that if you don’t have an auction flyer, simply attach general company info– never hurts to give your audience more ways to learn about you and your services.

a. Click Choose File.

b. Select your pdf file.

4. Provide an auction description.

a. Click the drop-down next to “Would you like us to format your description when possible?”, and decide whether you would like to format your own description (using the advanced editing box), or whether you would like us to automatically format your auction description.

b. Enter a tag line for your auction, if desired.

c. Enter a description for your auction, for example, types of items for sale, featured lots, location, date, time, etc. Enter all IMPORTANT auction details in the advanced editor description box, as this will improve your searchability.

d. Fill in all or none of the other description boxes as desired, including Auctioneer Notes, Location details, Terms and Conditions, etc.

5. Don’t forget to click Save in the upper right-hand corner!

Note: Wavebid automatically generates a Buyer’s Guide for your use. Terms and Conditions typed into your Auction information appear automatically in the Buyer’s Guide. Learn how to print your Buyer’s Guide.


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