How do I Export my Auction to the Listing Sites?


Marketing- Ways to Export Your Auction

So you’re ready to export your auction for marketing purposes. Great!

There are currently two ways to export: either automatically from the Export Auction page, or from the Marketing- Tasks page.

From the Export Auction page:

1. When you are ready to export your auction, find the Export Auction page. (Start at the dashboard and find the auction you want to export. Then go to Auction–> Export Auction).

2. Under the Marketing tab on the left-hand side, check any boxes of sites you’d like to export to:

A. Post to NAA (National Auctioneer’s Association)

B. Post to GAG (Global Auction Guide)/ AuctionGuy

C. Post to LotNut

Note: If you do not have a box available for any of the above, you have not linked that partner’s account to our system. Learn How to Configure your Partner Management to link your account for A, B, or C to our site. Then you will be able to export your auction directly to that site.

3. Click Export Auction.

You can also use the Export Monitor page to check the progress of your export. (From the dashboard, Go to My Links–> Company–> Export Monitor OR go directly to Export Monitor after pushing Export Auction). 

When your auctions have exported, visit the site to check that your auction posted correctly. NOTE: If you are re-exporting your auction, your lots will be updated on the sites with any new catalog information.

Also NOTE: If items are already being bidded on and you do not want to re-export, use the Marketing- Tasks page to export.

From the Marketing- Tasks page:

Exporting your auction from the Tasks page amounts to creating and scheduling different kinds of tasks for your various partners. Learn how to create a new task here.

The automatic exports performed above (to GAG, Auction Guy, LotNut, NAA) will also appear on the task page once completed. But you’ll notice above that there are some partners that do not export automatically, such as facebook and AuctionZip. We export to these partners by creating tasks.

For example, we will create an AuctionZip task. (If it’s your first time connecting to AuctionZip, click here). When you are finished, the status will say Click to Post to AuctionZip (you may need to refresh the page).


After you click, if this is not your first time then you have already synced to AuctionZip, and you can simply make sure the box next to AuctionZip is checked and click Submit Auction to Selected Sites.

You will receive a confirmation message. Press continue to return to the dashboard.



Congratulations! You know how to export your auction for marketing purposes!





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