Buyer Check-in


Checking in buyers at your auction is swift with our driver’s license scanning and records of your permanent buyers. This tutorial will explore the check-in page.

1. To find the Check-In page, start at the dashboard and find your auction. Then go to Accounting–> Check-in.

2. This is the Check-in page. If you have already uploaded or checked in a buyer, you can search for him/her by typing the name in the search bar. To enter a new buyer, click Create New.

1) Scan Personal ID:
Click this field and then use the mag strip or bar code reader to scan a drivers license. The system will automatically read the available data into the system.
NOTE: this data varies from state to state. Please try scanning at least a week prior to the auction event, if there is a problem report it to Most new formats can be created in less than a week

2) Alerts
Alerts appear as a pop up window when this buyer registers for another auction. It also appears as a pop up when the customer makes a payment.

3) Tax Exempt
By checking the tax exempt box you can automatically make a customer tax exempt for all auctions. This can be changed on at the invoice level, but if checked the customer will be tax exempt by default.

4) Buyer Type
There are three different buyers types in Wavebid.

  • Normal,
  • Reserve Not Met,
  • House Number

Normal should always be used for active bidders.
Reserve Not Met is a “number” you can use when an item failed to meet the seller reserve. Any contract commissions for reserves will be automatically applied to the seller, and these price will not be included in any auction totals or in reports.
House Number is a number for use by the auctioneer if they get stuck with an item. Items assigned to a house number are not included in any totals and will not appear with a selling price on the seller settlement.

5) Online
If you are charging a different buyers premium for online bids placed at a simulcast auction you can check a person in as an online buyer. This will atomically apply the “online” buyers premium if it is set on the edit setting page.

6) Add Paddle #
You can assign multiple paddle numbers to the same customer. Each paddle number will generate a separate invoice. Click the “add” button and add numbers as needed.

Congratulations! You now know your way around the Check-In grid.



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