How do I check people out?


1. From the dashboard, find your auction. Then go to Accounting–> Invoices.


2. On the Invoices page, you can search by name or paddle number. Use the search bar to find your buyer checking out. Note that you can filter by paid/ unpaid invoices in the upper left. 

3. If you have e-mail addresses in your buyer profiles and set up a credit card gateway through Wavebid, one option is to select Unpaid Invoices and Email them to all buyers. Then buyers can pay with their credit cards directly through the emailed invoice. For detailed instructions on Email Invoicing, click here. 

4. To check out an individual, Click on the name to open their invoice.

This is a sample invoice. Your company logo and contact information will appear in the upper left, paddle #, invoice # and date in the upper right, your intro and ending paragraphs are at the top and bottom respectively (entered in general company preferences or individual auction accounting preferences), your buyer’s information, auction info, an itemized list of purchases with applicable taxes and fees, then totals for both credit card and cash transactions.

To add a fee to a lot, double click on the plus sign next to a lot. To add a general invoice fee, go to Actions–> Add Invoice Fee. To edit a lot or a tax code, double click on the number.

4. If the invoice looks correct, make a payment by clicking the $ icon in the upper right. On the next page, a Payment Entry dialog box will automatically open. //

Choose your payment method (Cash, Check, Credit, Wire Transfer, Other). If you choose credit and have applied a credit card premium in your Accounting Preferences, the total will change to add that premium. Credit card payments also open up a field to enter the last four digits of the card. The cashier is recorded so you can keep your drawers separate if you like. There is a space for notes. Finally, if they are paying more than what is due, decide whether you would like give change or just apply balance due. If you choose change, the system will calculate the change due.

5. Click Save. 

6. You have the option to add another payment by clicking Add Payment. 

Under the Payments tab, you can also Remove payments by clicking the X symbol next to the payment you want to delete.

NOTE: Any credit card transactions will appear in your Reports. To find, Go to My Links--> Company--> Reports--> Credit Transactions. 

7. Check the invoice by clicking on the Invoice Number (shown above in blue) to confirm that the payment has been applied, or, if you are ready to print, click Print. 

If you return to the Invoice, a paid invoice will show Paid in Full at the bottom.


8. At the top, Email Invoice or Print.

NOTE: in order to email the invoice you’ll need to Add your Email in Partner Management. If you do not have your buyer’s email address, this might be a good time to get it from them. Add their email by clicking Edit next to “Buyer Information”.

After you’ve printed or emailed the invoice, return to your invoices by clicking Back to Invoices. 

Congratulations! You now understand the Check-Out process!


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