Riding the Wave: The Auctioneer Screen

One of the most engaging aspects of our auction is the Lot Display. The Auctioneer Screen enables the auctioneer to track the lots the clerk currently has pulled up on the Clerking grid, allowing them to slow down or keep the current auction pace.

Showroom floor

The Auctioneer screen is run by the clerk and it requires minimal configuration. As it functions as a single webpage it can be viewed on a display attached to the clerk’s computer, another computer, or even a tablet device.

Clerk Configuration

  1. From the Dashboard go to your auction, then Accounting > Clerk this Auction.

  2. Once here click Start Auction Tube. This starts the server process that controls both Auction Tube and the Auctioneer Screen.

Clerking Grid

If there will be multiple clerks, each with their own ring, each auction must make sure to configure the option by picking a number in the Screen/Ring dropdown.

Auctioneer Configuration

  1. At this point the auctioneer would access their Wavebid Dashboard, go to the auction, then Accounting > Auctioneer Screen.

  2. Pick the ring that will be displayed in the screen, and the theme that will be used.

Auctioneer Screen Configuration

  1. Click Start Auctioneer Screen.

Depending on how many lots the clerk has pulled up on the Clerking grid the display will change accordingly

Single lot:

Single Lot in the Auctioneer Screen

Multiple Lots:

Multiple Lots in Auctioneer Screen

This is it! You now have one way to Ride the Wave. If you also have online bidders keeping track of your auction you can also use Auction Tube so they can track the auction.

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