How do I handle the Fees of an Auction?

Fees (Items and Invoices)

Create a Fee

1. Start at the dashboard. Then go to My Links–> Company–> Accounting Settings--> Fees.


2. This is the Fee Management page.  On this page you create, review, and edit your standard list of fees.  To create a new fee, enter a name, default amount, and description. If the fee is taxable, check the box. Then Save.  The fees you create here can then be added to invoices or to lots.  

Note: Amount and description can be changed by clicking the Edit tool  in the list. To delete a fee, click

Here’s a closer look:


Add a Fee to a Lot

There are two ways to add a fee to a lot:

1) Do it while you catalog, or

2) Do it on the invoice.

To Do it While You Catalog:

1. Start at the Dashboard and find your auction. Then go to Catalogs–> Lot by Photo. 

2. From the Lot by Photo page, scroll down and click on the Fees tab.

3. Click Add Fee. 

4. A dialog box will appear. On the drop-down menu you can choose a fee from the list you’ve created (see how). The description, amount, and taxable checkbox will automatically fill after you’ve selected your fee.  The values are editable, and any changes you make here will only be for this lot.


5. Click Save. Then when the dialog box closes, we recommend saving the lot as an added precaution (click the icon in the upper right of the Lot by Photo page ).

To Do it On the Invoice:

1. Start at the Dashboard and find your auction. Then go to Accounting–> Invoices. 

2. Find the invoice you would like to add a fee to. (You can click on the name of the buyer, then the invoice number).

3. On the invoice, Click the plus sign (+) under Add a Fee. 

(Note: If you do not want to add a fee to a particular item, you can add an Invoice Fee under Actions–> Add Invoice Fee. The rest of the process is the same.)

4. A dialog box will appear. Here you can choose from the list of fees you’ve created. The description, amount, taxable checkbox should automatically fill. Again, the values are editable, and any changes you make here will only be for this lot or invoice.

5. When you’re finished, click Save. 

6. Note that the fee was added and, if applicable, taxes.

7. Note that you can change the tax rate on a fee by clicking on the Tax (shown here in blue).

Select the Tax Code and click Set Tax Code. 

Check to see that the tax and totals have indeed been adjusted.

Congratulations! You now know how to create and add fees to items and invoices!

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