How do I get to the Invoice Summary Page and how do I use it?

Guide to the Accounting- Invoice Summary Page


1. From the dashboard, find your auction. Then go to Accounting–> Invoices.

From here you can find and view invoices; you can also quickly see who is left unpaid.

1) Filter by Unpaid: This allows you to select paid in full, unpaid or all invoices

2) Email: Allows you to bulk email invoices. You can select all, unpaid or paid. You must have your email configured for this feature to work. You can check the status of the emails under the company tab -> outgoing emails.

3) Print: Allows you to bulk print invoices. You can select all, unpaid or paid. When you select print the system generates a PDF of the selected invoices. That can be printed or saved.

4) Search: Allows you to search buyer information to find an invoice. You can search by any of the fields on the screen.

5) Show/Hide Columns: Allows you to show or hide columns on this page for a customized look.

6) Bidder numbers without buyer information.  This paddle was used but not register to a buyer.  You can view the invoice but you must register the buyer before a payment can be made.



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