How do I use Wavebid's Category system?

When entering categories into Wavebid you will be met with this screen.


There are four options for category input.



Using browse you can search through the pre-defined list for find the category that fits your lot.


You can use this to pick sub-categories.

Using the Search tab you can search for the category that best describes your lots.


The Recently Used tab displays the Categories that you use the most often.



The last tab is for Manual Entry. This tab allows you to type in a category that is not pre-defined in our list.





How do I use Wavebid's Category system from Lot Builder?



From the Lot Builder Screen, when a category is selected you will be able to use the category information box to quickly add information to your description.





After you hit "Add to Description" the information you entered will be placed into your description for that lot.



After you hit save then you have just used Wavebid's Category System!

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