How do I configure a Magtek Magnetic Strip reader?

This method has been tested and confirmed on a Magtek SureSwipe Part Number 21040145.

** Plug in your scanner.  When you do this the LED light on the scanner should initially be red.

Ensure your scanner is working and check if it needs configuration:

  1. Open a text editor (Notepad.exe) on a Windows machine.
  2. Put your curser in the text editor window.
  3. When LED on your scanner is green, scan any ID using your scanner.
  4. You should see the information from the ID appear in the text editor as if it was being typed on the keyboard.
  5. If you can see a state abbreviation, city, name, and address followed by approximately 30 numbers your scanner is working perfectly.  You may not need to configure it at all.

    %MNMUNSTERVILLE^GERRY HORMANN WEBER^1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE^?;636038505269999510=17101979102925?#" 90210 D F063155 BRN "J-%L& ?

  6. You may want to repeat the ID scan just to see how accurate the scanner is and how well it is working.  If your scans appear generally to be the same and the information is readable then you are ready to use your scanner.

Configure your scanner:

  1. In the event that your scanner does not appear to be working correctly, open your favorite browser to
  2. Click on the "Download" link.
  3. When the download finishes, run the program.  It will install USBMSR Demo 2.00 on your computer. Choose No when you are asked to install source code.
  4. When the install is finished, open your Start Menu and find the USBMSR to find the program you just installed. You can also type in USBMSR and Windows will find it for you.
  5. Run the USBMSR Demo 2.00 program, and you'll


  6. In the Send Message (Hex) area, type:
    01 02 0d

  7. Click Send Msg- you will see:
    Request : CMND=01, LEN=02, DATA=02 0D (..)
    Response : RC=00, LEN=00, DATA= ()
  8. Clear the Send Msg area and now type:
  9. Click Send Msg- you will see more data appear and then quickly disappear
  10. Wait for "Detected Keyboard Mode Device" to appear in the lower left hand corner of the screen.
  11. Run the steps from "Ensure your scanner is working and check if it needs configuration" to ensure your scanner is configured and working correctly.


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