How do I add a Video?

The easiest way to upload videos is through YouTube. You will need to visit and sign in or register for a free account. After your video is uploaded to youtube, use this tutorial.

1. From the Dashboard, find your auction. Then go to Catalogs–> Lot by Photo. 


2. Using the drop-down menu Go to Lot, find the lot where you would like to add a video. 


3. Now you should be viewing the correct lot. To add a video, after Videos: click Add New. You will be asked if you’re sure you want to add a video. Click I’m sure.


4. Now, in another tab, find your youtube video. Click the Share tab underneath.

5. Click Embed.


6. Make sure all the html code is selected. Then Copy (Ctrl+C) the html code.


7. Now return to the Add Video page, and Paste (Ctrl+P) the html code. 

8. Click Save. 

Congratulations! You’ve uploaded a video. You will automatically return to your Lot by Photo view after saving. To preview how the video will look, go to Current Auction–> Auction–> Preview Auction.

Now find your lot again, in our case it’s 6a. Double click on the lot number.


This is your Lot Preview. If you scroll down, you’ll see how the video will look embedded on the web page you export to. Beautiful, yes?


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