How do I attach a PDF for my auction?

How to Upload a PDF

Many auctioneers highlight specific auction lots with a flyer or pdf. This tutorial shows how to attach a pdf file to a specific lot so your online catalog viewers can see it.

To attach a general pdf to market your company or whole auction, visit our marketing section– Edit Auction Info page.

1. Start at the Dashboard and find your auction. Then go to Catalogs–> Lot by Photo. 


2. Find the lot where you would like to add a pdf. You can use the Go To Lot drop-down menu.


3. After Pdfs: click Add New (in the red rectangle). A dialog will pop up to ask if you’re sure you want to add a pdf. Click I’m sure.


4. Click Choose File and find your pdf. Then click Save. 

5. You will return to the lot builder page and see that now there is 1 pdf file attached(Pdfs: 1). Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 2.22.26 PM Save your lot. 

Congratulations! You have now attached your pdf. You can also confirm in Lot Preview. (From Lot Builder, Current Auction–> Auction–> Preview Auction. Find your lot and double click on the lot number.)

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