How do I add Registration and Bidding URL's?

Marketing Set Up- Add Registration and Bidding URL’s

1. From the dashboard, find your auction. Then go to Auction–> Edit Settings.

2. On the Edit Auction page, click on the Marketing tab.

3. Choose the Type of Auction (Live, Online, or Simulcast) from the drop-down menu.

4. If your auction is live or simulcast and will have prebidding, check the box next to Has Prebidding. Then set the Prebidding Start Date and Prebidding End Date.

5. Add your Auction URL. This is where your audience will go when they click “Go to Auction” in the marketing materials.

6. Add your Auction Registration URL where bidders can register.

7. In the upper right, click Save.

HINT: You may need to post your auction again for the links to take effect. (For AuctionZip, return to the Marketing Tasks page and Post to AuctionZip).

Note: If you do not add auction or auction registration URL’s, when your audience clicks “Go to Auction” they will be directed to a Wavebid page instead of going directly to bidding!

8. Check to see that your links are functional, and you’re done. Congratulations! You’ve just made it easier for your audience to register and bid.


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