How do I Add Auction Tasks?

The Tasks page is a place for you to manage your marketing strategy. Your tasks also appear under the Calendar tab, where you can easily move them to different days.

2. From the Marketing Tasks page, click Add New Task under the task type (Online, Newspaper, Trade Journal, Direct Mail, Other).

For example, if you are want to post your auction to facebook, click Add New Task under Online. 

3. A new box pops up after you click Add New Task. First click on the drop-down next to “What type of task would you like to add?” and choose the type, for example, Facebook.

4. Name your task, for example “Post Facebook reminder about auction”. 

5. Set the date and time for your task to be performed. In this example, we would post to Facebook on 6/26/2013. You can also specify the time the post will go out.

6. Choose the Facebook account you would like to post with. For example, I might want to post with my company account instead of my personal Facebook account.

Note: In order to do this, you have to link your (Facebook) account on the Partner Management page.

7. Choose the page you would like to post to.

8. Enter the text for your post, and attach a relevant photo if desired.

9. Click Save.

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