How do I create a Task List for every Auction?

Most auctioneers have a marketing process they use for every auction. That’s why Wavebid created the Company Task list, a list of marketing tasks that are automatically added to each individual auction.

The Company Task list works exactly like the regular task list, only it’s for every auction. Here’s how to find it.

1. From the dashboard, find your auction.

2. Hover over the Marketing tab on the right, then click Tasks.

Marketing Tasks page

3. Click on the Company Task Setup tab at the top.

4. Create a list of the marketing tasks your company performs before each auction by clicking Add New Task under the appropriate type of task (online, newspaper, journal, direct mail). You can also fill in the number of days prior to the auction that task should be completed.

Note: To learn about Creating a New Task, click here.

Example of Company Task List

5. When you are finished, if you would like your Company Tasks to appear on that individual auction’s task list, return to the Tasks tab. Click the Add Company Tasks button in the upper right. Your Company tasks will be added to the task list.

Note: you only need to create the Company Task list once. For future auctions, simply click Add Company Tasks (as in Step 5) and your Company tasks will be added to your new individual auction’s task list for the appropriate date.

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