How do I import Auction Info and Buyers from SAM into Wavebid?

Step 1:


First after logging into SAM you will see your list of auctions, then click on the auction that you wish to have imported into Wavebid.


Then click and download "All Data .CSV"



Step 2:


Open the downloaded file in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet editor




Then you want to delete the first two rows of the file and then save it




Step 3:


To Import Buyers:

On your dashboard in Wavebid go to the Auction you wish to import to in the Accounting section select import Buyers


Current Auction --> Accounting --> Import Buyers




Then select the file you got from SAM





 Then you want to select the buyer information from the Wavebid options and match it up with the columns you want imported


Note: Only select the information you want added to the bidder profiles




Then click Import at the bottom and your information will be imported into Wavebid



To Import Auction Info:


Go to Current Auction --> Catalogs --> Import Catalog


Use the file that has been adjusted in step 2 that you downloaded from SAM


Select the Lot information that you want imported including bidder number (If the auction is finished) 


Then Press Import to finish


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