Upload Auction from Offline

Exporting an Auction:

1. Start by opening up Offline

2. If this is your first time using Wavebid Offline, you will be asked to create a user. This offline account will link to the online account you downloaded the software from.

3. Once you have entered your info wait for the Wavebid Offline Information stoplight to change to Green:


4. Click on Dashboard in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


5. You will be brought to the Log in page where you will be asked to enter your Username and Password.


6. Press Login when your information is complete.

7. You will be brought the offline version of My Dashboard.


8. To export an auction, create a new one by hovering over the Options tab in the upper right hand corner and selecting New Auction.


9. You will be brought to the Create Auction page where you will need to enter all the information you will need for your auction.


10. Click Save in the upper right hand corner.

11. Once your data is saved, head back to My Dashboard to your new auction.


12. Now to move your newly created Offline auction to Online, hover over the Offline tab next to My Links and click Import/Export.


13. This will bring you to the Auction Management page.


14. To export your auction, simply press the middle Export Auction button. And after a few seconds…


15. Your auction should now be in your Online dashboard.


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